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Advertising Agency A&P® is a modern advertising agency with 18 years of diverse experience. We successfully cooperate with Ukrainian, CIS, European brands, companies and advertising agencies.

            If you choose to cooperate with our agency, you will get a reliable, experienced and operative partner and the organizer for advancement of your services and goods. We will help you to present your product or service in the markets of Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.

Over the years we have gained huge experience in the field of marketing communications. We have also excellent accommodation in all media.

            Our operating doctrines:

• efficiency,

• justification of the proposed positional options,

• optimization of advertising budget depending on the specifics of the client,

• execution of advertising objectives,

• control and coordination of advertising campaign,

• full reporting,

• high scale of responsibility.

            In A&P can arrange an advertising company not only large famous brands, but also new companies that have just come on the market and are at start of their business way.

 Each of our regular customer become not only a friend of company but also receives various, sometimes significant discounts, bonuses and additional free embed.

You can order:

  • advertisement positioning in the press,
  • advertisement positioning on TV,
  • to order advertising on radio,
  • to place advertising on transport,
  • to place outdoor advertising,
  • to order advertising in the metro system,
  • to advertise on the airways, INDOOR advertising,
  • to order advertising on the Internet.

            We are pleased that the majority of customers are our regular partners. We happily hosted their reviews and words of gratitude on our website.

 Active, clever, successful and really working advertising is the main goal of the A&P.

Our agency implements the holding of "turnkey" campaign of advertising. It starts from development of media strategy and media plan to distribution, control, coordination and reporting. Each project and task assigned to us by the client will be well-considered and well-targeted by the best qualified specialists

            The primary target of our agency is maximum assistance to our clients in the sales of their goods and services.

            Our activities in the advertising market diversified but the basic is a media distribution.

As you know, advertising is the main engine of promotion of goods and services. It is hard to imagine our modern life without information, the major part of which is advertising.

            Currently, we encounter with the promotion of products and services everywhere: transport, TV, radio, press, street, Internet, etc. It is very easy for consumers to get lost in such an abundance of information.  Your business will become visible and recognisable with us and will stand out against other proposals.

            In the modern reality the success of the advertisement depends on the correctly chosen marketing strategy that must be based on the fundamental rules of effective advertising campaigns, as well as the fine nuances of psychology. Correctly beaten philosophy of the company in a advertising action is a guarantee of success in achievement of this objective.

            If you are looking for advertising Agency in Ukraine, we offer our services for you!

You will ensure your business a recognizability with us  and earn confidence of consumers for a long period of time.

            Our agency in Kyiv has a huge experience in the implementation of advertising company on various advertising mediums and in different areas of Kiev and regions of Ukraine.