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  A significant role in effective communication plays external advertising. "A&P" will help you to place outdoor advertising in Kiev and regions. The outdoor advertising media include: large billboards, elegant city-lights, trolls, latest prismavision displays and other.

  We have successfully partnered with 27 professional directors of outdoor advertising. Thanks to our partners we are able not only to choose effective targeted programs, but also work at competitive prices, minimizing the advertising budgets.



  Traditionally, the most common design format 3x6 meters are the most popular and effective types of outdoor advertising in cities. Common formats of larger billboards expand on highways.

  If you want to order advertising on billboards, it is need to remember that first and foremost billboards are "working" on the transport stream as ads are viewed by drivers and passengers of both private and public transport. In addition, the advertising panel (3x6) rateds for pedestrian traffic.

  Billboards 3x6, usually set on the transport arteries of the city, This type of accommodation are basic, effective striking unit in most advertising campaigns. 95% of billboards 3x6 have external bright backlight that ensures effective impact of the promotional poster at any time of the day.


  Literally citylights denotes the paving panels. This advertising structure is installed on the sidewalks and along city roads. The media has a backlight and has two advertising areas. The standard size of this design is 1,2x1,8 m or 1,2x2,4 m. If you want to influence on pedestrians effectively, so to place advertising on the citylights will be  correct.


  Popular advertising media is a constriction above the cross part, on the advertising language called troll.

  Usually troll like citylights advertising has two adv fields from different sides. An important distinction banners from other carriers is location against the flow of traffic and as a result allows to provide an extensive frequency of contact with a potential customer. You can order an advertising campaign on trolls in our "A&P".


Prismavision displays

  Prismavision display is the name of a billboard for a new generation speaks for itself. Three-position shield represents the dynamic stand, whose advertising surface consists of a series of vertically mounted trihedral prisms.

  The design includes an electric-powered drives which periodically turns the advertising facets at 120 degrees. With this technology, the stand has a three changing advertising plane. During the full cycle spins of 360 degrees it takes place three times a change of ads in a specified mode and the whole information field.


  The types of advertising media is different and it is difficult to understand the correct placement of advertising on its. We will recommend to you those that will be most effective for your business to benefit.