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  Indoor – a new trade of the Ukrainian advertising market. The rapid development of the domestic advertising received from the advertising, which was placed in the point of sale with all variety of tools: wobblers, mobile stands, shelf talkers, light panels, light boxes, advertising on the trolleys and on the floor.

  In the modern world of indoor advertising went beyond the normal places. Now she is active in various areas:

  • advertising in business centers;
  • advertising on airlines;
  • advertising in airports;
  • advertising on railway stations;
  • advertising in trains;
  • advertising in hotels;
  • advertising in cinemas;
  • advertising in supermarkets;
  • advertising in taxis;
  • advertising in elevators, etc.


  According to statistics, a consumer decides to make a purchase directly in the store, so advertising at points of sale – an effective tool for communication with potential customers. Research centre ROMIR Monitoring conducted a survey to find out consumer moods of Russians. 1500 of people were surveyed from more than 100 cities and regions of Russia. Among the various questions, respondents are also asked about where they usually make purchases of food. So almost 2/3 (63%) people responded that they purchase in "neighbourhood shop".

Point interaction

  The point interaction is the major advantage of internal advertising, because it allows you to influence various target audience: mass and narrow (difficult). As another important advantage is that this effect provides a guaranteed repeatability of exposure to the same audience.

  Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time searching for a particular advertisement, companies, firms, etc., which the potential client has seen somewhere in passing. Indoor advertising solves this problem! Sticker or poster, pasted, for example, in the Elevator will be a notebook for people at home! And another plus – it does not need to look, because it is always there!

Advertising in elevators

  Advertising in the Elevator is a guarantee of 99.9% that your advertisement will be noticed and read, everyone who uses the elevator. It produces a strong psychological effect on the person who is in a confined space that has a positive effect on memorization of information ("lifting" condition was the cause of the panels indicating the number of floors, mirrors, and later advertising).

  So, here are the main advantage of this type of advertising:

  • the close proximity and availability throughout the term of placement of your contact information to the end user;
  • prolonged contact with a potential client (>16 seconds for one trip in the elevator);
  • the provision of 14 contacts per week. The user of the lift is guaranteed to encounter your advertisement a minimum of 14 times a week on my way to work, school, shop, etc. 14 of the contacts is more than sufficient for making a decision on the purchase quantity;
  • audience equal to the district placement, that allows to provide both local and large-scale campaigns with high efficiency.

  A&P has all the necessary materials and information to provide specific targeted programs, photos, advertising, prices, rates, discounts and bonuses. Each promotional event is monitored and after we present a report (photo report, affidavit, etc.). More information about the possibilities of INDOOR-advertising can learn from our presentation. The presentation will be sent on request.