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 Marketing research is the activity that connects the marketer with the consumer and society through information which is used for the detection and identification of opportunities and challenges to develop, result in a thorough, evaluate marketing actions and to monitor the effectiveness and improve understanding of the process of management of the company.

 Market research is a critical component of marketing analytic functions. If the firm recede its , it may face adverse consequences, because the main purpose of marketing research is to provide the manager the necessary process of marketing management of information: designing marketing strategies, planning, analysis, control activities and monitoring.

 Functions of marketing research is to assess the needs, demand and request of customers. Based on these data, create a program definition, identify and meet the opportunities and challenges organizations to find out and to evaluate its marketing activities.

 The main tasks that marketing research is pursuing :

  • the development of marketing programs;
  • implementation of marketing programs;
  • calculation of supply and demand;
  • the company prefers the production of goods and services, sale of which is provided with the conditions of the market and provides a good opportunity to make a profit;
  • the creation of conditions with optimal balance of supply and demand;
  • the definition of competitiveness of products and firms on the market;
  • the study of consumer behavior;
  • evaluation of company and competitors.

 We offer the following services:

  • Writing a business plan, investment projects for the creation and restructuring of enterprises.
  • Leading research with the purpose of expanding sales.
  • Leading public opinion polls.
  • Leading specialized studies, market analysis.
  • A study of customer satisfaction.
  • Analysis of foreign markets and the study of the possible types of products.


 Marketing research is a multiround process that must be followed to get effective result.

 Marketing research involves four stages:

1. Problem statement and objectives of marketing research:

  • it turns out the need for research;
  • recognized problem;
  • define the objectives of the study.

2. The development of the plan of marketing research:

  • search research methods;
  • description of the type of information and sources;
  • the choice of data collection methods.
  • the design of a sampling plan and determining the sample size.

3. The implementation of the plan of marketing research:

  • the collection and analysis of data;

4. Evaluation, interpretation of systematic information and report results to management:

  • preparation and submission of the final report.