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  The Internet space is a condition of effective and successful existence. Internet advertising allows to sustain a positive brand image and actively promote the brand or trade mark on the market. The main task of this kind of advertising is to import information about the product and attracting visitors to various Internet resources to increase sales of products, goods or services.

Advertising on the Ukrainian Internet space is possible with the help of:

• banner advertisements on targeted resources;

• registration in Internet-catalogues;

• e-mail newsletter;• commercial key shows in banner exchange networks;

• SEO optimization of Internet websites.

• posting on popular forums, news sites, chat rooms, billboards;

• system for the exchange of text links.  

 The most common one is banner advertisements. A banner is a graphic image that is inserted on the page. Payment for such advertising charged per thousand demonstrating or per click on a banner and jump to the advertised page.

  Another popular form of advertising is rich media. This adverts are shown on the main page of the Internet website and combine sound and video effects. It is also possible to display advertisements under the page (PopUnder) and on page (PopUp). Show under the a page less annoying to the user and therefore it is more effective.  

  Despite the great efficiency of rich-media, incorrect use of it will irritate potential customers, so if you need it – better to seek professional advice.

  Certainly, advertising on the Internet can have a huge amount of graphic elements, but nevertheless we shouldn`t forget about text advertising. Its main advantage is simplicity and low cost. However, such advertising  have the disadvantage. It is the inability to achieve visual brand recognition.

When the Internet was gaining popularity, widespread had network text ads. They provided a captive audience of visitors of Internet resources, but it doesn`t solve many marketing problems. In particular, it couldn`t give the opportunity to focus on the target audience. As a result, the text ads is though not disappeared from the Internet, but still lost their popularity.

 Contextually Targeted Advertising has been more promising. It is a text ad that contains a set of specific keywords which are selected in accordance with the advertised product. Such ads are displayed on the resources pages which contain the same keywords. With this advertising is possible to reach a specific segment of the target audience which certainly increases its efficiency. Contextually targeted advertising is paid for each click. Therefore, if you decide to use this kind of advertising, you can be sure that your money will not be wasted.

 Some time ago direct e-mail of unclaimed advertising had a great popularity. Even now in the email inbox you can see thousands of spam emails. Such "advertising" has a very low cost and the same low efficiency. It rather arouses disgust than interest.

However, well-designed e-newsletter goes only to the target audience and never irritate users.

 Our company will help you to choose optimal variant of placing of advertising on the Internet, which will contribute to the effective promotion of your products.