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  One of the most effective tools for promoting goods and services is product shot. Professional advertising image shows a product in the best light, shows its best qualities, with an emphasis on the main advantages.

  Our advertising studio of photography performs any complexity. We provide a range of services: from developing ideas to produce the final prints (artwork):

  • pre-production (idea development and concept);
  • budget planning;
  • selection of locations and properties;
  • the creation of set dressing;
  • castings;
  • the organisation a photography of any complexity;
  • post-production – color correction, retouching (of any complexity);
  • design of advertising layouts.

  And also:

  • the engaging of stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers;
  • the invitation of the food stylists, including foreign;
  • DTP – prepress.

  The resulting image You can use in advertising, print production, design resource, for packing of goods, etc. These promotional photos for years to come can become the hallmark of Your company, a symbol of the quality of Your products.

  Our Agency covers a wide range of subject areas taken:

  • food;
  • drinks;
  • the interiors/exteriors;
  • furniture;
  • jewelry;
  • portrait photography.

  Training in the Parisian studios contributed to the development of our professionals particular style of photography with a unique creative approach and impeccable quality. Our works demonstrate modern, original solutions delivered to our customers (leading manufacturers of Ukraine and CIS countries).