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  In modern world any shop and office cann`t  work without outdoor advertising. It represents the information (text or graphic), which is placed in the most favorable for visual contact with a potential client.

  This type of advertising is a popular and beautiful tool to deliver information to the client. For outdoor advertising, good will, temporary or stationary design: surfaces of buildings, vehicles, lighting design, 3D animation, souvenirs. And it isn`t the whole list of possible places of placing of outdoor advertising. Its manufacture and placement are limited only by the imagination of the manufacturer and the desires of the customer.

  A&P offers the following services: outdoor advertising production:

  • designs for outdoor advertising (light boxes, billboards, trolls, brandmauers etc.);
  • lighting of facades, etc.;
  • P. O. S. materials for retail promotion;
  • signs, shop fronts, facades;
  • kiosks and pavilions;
  • branding interior offices, event venues etc;
  • the production of street advertising designs for institutions, gas stations, institutions, etc. (pillars, pylons, promotional tables, brendmobils are, etc.);
  • the organization of the system of external and internal navigation for outlets;
  • exhibition stands;
  • branding of transport;
  • the installation of flagpoles and flags;
  • and more custom.

  This type of advertising can cause serious disutility for the city. Unprofessional, poorly executed advertising deals heavy city architectural injury, damaging historic facades of the buildings, filling the streets with too many low-quality print advertising.

  A&P guarantees the quality of manufactured advertising and placement in the capital and other cities of Ukraine. We offer a full range of services for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of advertising structures, because our agency owns modern production-technical base.

  Advertising is hard work that requires a coordinated team of professionals, creative approach to each task and originality of execution. We continuously enhance our skills and technology, after all products of our agency always meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency!