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BTL advertising, promotion actions

BTL is not a new service in the advertising industry, but it is a big complex of marketing communications an direct impact on the consumer. Interactivity is the main advantage of this type of advertising.

Promotion action is also focused on the end user. The purpose of this activity is to increase the number of customers, in this case costs are always fully compensated.

ВTL advertising has many manifestations, including loyalty programs, promotions, sweepstakes, contests, and more. These ingredients actively stimulate sales growth.

Like any other form of advertising, all the elements ВTL advertising have their advantages and disadvantages. They can be used separately, and can be successfully combined with other types of advertising within an overall strategy.

The main difference between BTL successfully is that it establishes a two-way interaction with the consumer at points of sale. This allows to build the communication, effectively stimulating the purchase by the buyer of the goods.

Promotions that encourage the sale of products:

  • the provision of free samples (samplingof);
  • testing of new products;
  • co-promotion;
  • consultation;
  • ghost shopper;
  • publication of promotional content;
  • merchandising and trade audit;
  • contests, sweepstakes and prize drawing for buying products.

And also:

  • trade marketing;
  • merchandising;
  • event-based marketing;
  • direct marketing;
  • marketing research;
  • non-standard mechanics;
  • POS-materials;
  • HoReCa(Hotel, Restaurant, Catering ) etc.

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