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  The main goal of PR is a series of studies and activities in organizations and creation favorable external and internal environment for enterprise functioning,in providing the necessary reaction of the target audience towards the company.       

  PR is a specific form of management aimed at creating and sustaining mutual understanding between the organization and its target audience helps the company representatives to be informed about public opinion to ensure a quick reaction to it.

  PR is skills to create a positive climate, positive attitude to the manufacturer of the goods or services with potential clients, and the general public at different levels.

  PR is not just social science but also an art that helps to predict trends and based on them actions that serve both the public interests and the interests of the organization.

  The PR activity has two main directions:

  • analysis of public opinion with subsequent informing of the leadership of the organization;
  • outreach efforts that promote the recognition by customers of the organization.

  These areas due to basic principles of PR:

  • adopting the policy of the organization against the interests of the company;
  • scrupulous honesty during the work with the public;
  • communications are implemented prior to receipt of the desired result;
  • communications should be conducted using scientific methods;
  • to draw on the insights of sociology, psychology and other socio-economic trends;
  • the activities of PR professionals should be evaluated from the point of view of ethics.

   PR has many functions, among which the main there are three:

  • management opinion and behavior of the public and achieve the interests of the organization;
  • reaction to the opinion and behaviour of the public;
  • achievement the relationship between the society and the organization which would be mutually beneficial.