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The LIMITED LIABILITY company "INVESTMENT RATING AGENCY " specialized rating agency, rendering services in the field of independent assessment of the credit-worthiness of borrowing entities with credit ratings and insurance of physical and legal persons. The Agency was created under the project to reform the insurance market of Ukraine "PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE PLATFORM" PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE PLATFORM allows you to adapt any computer insurance platform, currently used by insurance companies of Ukraine and Europe and provides the assignment the objective of the insurance and other ratings.

The modernity of the system is that the algorithms used in the software system consistent with the insurance laws of Ukraine and the European Union, a standard for electronic insurance (its generation, accounting, sales, payment, storage in electronic form. INSURANCE SYSTEM " PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE PLATFORM "

"PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE PLATFORM" enables real-time control design, calculation of taxes and reserve funds for each separate operation. The system performs online monitoring of underwriting as the electronic system for compliance with the insurance rules in the design of insurance programs and products.

The types of services of rating agency:


  • acquisition insurance ratings to individuals, businesses, banks, insurance companies, local authorities, the European insurance rating scale;
  • acquisition credit ratings to companies, banks, insurance companies, local authorities on the National rating scale specifically designed to assess the level of credit risk in the Ukrainian market;
  • acquisition credit ratings to individual debt obligations of the borrower (bonds, loans) on a national scale;
  • ratings of corporate governance as independent evaluation of rating agencies regarding the existing system of corporate governance of the company.
  • ratings of reliability of deposits, which represents the independent opinion of the Agency about the possibility of the Bank to timely and fully perform its obligations on return of Bank deposits over the next 12 months.
  • reliability ratings of insurance companies designed specifically for consumers of insurance services with the aim of raising their awareness about the reliability of insurers.


Credit and insurance rating allows:


  • get the opportunity to use the European system of Credit insurance liability repay the loans and commitments under the guarantees;
  • to firm relations with all types of contractors;
  • to be distinguished among other Ukrainian borrowers and attract the attention of investors;
  • to express its efficient financial performance without divulging confidential information in this case;
  • make a successful placement of bonds or other debt instruments;
  • to create a favorable credit history and financial reputation for future access to the capital markets;
  • diversify debt instruments and to reduce their servicing cost
  • look at the standard of performance from the outside;
  • identify the key strategic factors that have an impact on the credit-worthiness of the borrower.


Credit rating on the National scale necessary to borrowers for use in the domestic market. The main advantage of an international credit rating is a comparable level of credit risk for all borrowers, regardless of their country of location. turns into a disadvantage in countries with economies in transition. This is due to the fact that the rating of the borrower (Issuer) or its debt instrument, as a rule, can not be higher than the sovereign rating of the country in which the Issuer is located.

The assignment of the insurance index will enable you to take Credit insurance that provides your business protection in situations when your customer fails or refuses to repay the debt. It guarantees the payment for goods delivered or services rendered and allows you to effectively manage both commercial and political risks of trade.

 The highest goal of credit insurance is not just to provide you compensation for commercial losses caused by non-payment, but also help you to raise profits, avoiding the global losses at all. The key to your success will be betterthan your competitors, and knowledge of companies, sectors and trends based on which you are taking only informed decisions regarding the supply on credit, to avoid financial losses or, at least, visibly reduce them.