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The production of store fittings and equipment.

  Сommercial equipment is the basic, traditional arrangement of the retail space.

  Professionals have long known that the proper display of goods on the shelves not only helps the buyer to navigate and find the right thing, but also stimulates the best way to buy a new product that just came on sale. So the shopfitting should perform not only the traditional function on product placement, but certainly to encourage the consumer to make a purchase.

  With extensive experience in the trade, including European, we can offer high quality commercial equipment It is equipment with varying degrees of difficulty for your commercial premises of all sizes and purposes.

  Professional designers of our company will develop an individual, and therefore the exclusive style of a trade or exhibition hall. They will take into account all the features of corporate branding and particularly the range of offered products.

  "Turnkey" we will produce exclusive trading equipment for points of sales any specialization, focusing clearly on the direction of your activities.

  In the manufacturing process we work with different materials.

  Namely: glass, plastic, cloth, wood, chipboard, aluminum profiles, and combine these materials. If you decide to order business equipment, it will be a big step towards the success of your business.

  For you we are willing to do: Counters, shelves, showcases, wall and wall equipment, railings, exhibition stands, promotional and advertising stands, reception Desk, podiums, etc.  In modern world trade Branding of the indoors is important, perhaps, it is an integral part of the image of the company.

  Our equipment will help you in the sale of your goods in the best way.

  Additionally, for the commercial equipment we can:


  • Perform labeling (branding equipment).
  • Complete branding of refrigerated display cases.
  • And also we produce branding chests, shops, etc.


Branding of the indoors.

  One particular and modern techniques that increase employee motivation and customer loyalty is a office branding.

  Smart placement of corporate symbols in the form of a company logo at the reception desk or in the workspace causes in employee or visitor a sense of patriotism and the significance of his company and, of course, adjusts to the serious attitude to it from the threshold.

  We believe that the concept of "branding office" not only the sign at the entrance to the office, but also the complete design space according to the corporate style: the color of the walls, the system office navigation, office signs, and even the most common, but to the untrained eye, blinds with company logo.

  In this aspect we can offer you:


  • making all elements of branding;
  • installation of all elements of branding;
  • pasting;
  • production of corporate desktop;
  • and more.

  Recognizable branded office, store branding or branded division of the company have obvious advantages:

  • his visitors immediately understand where it came;
  • high level of trust and respect from partners and customers;
  • pleasant and corporational working environment.


  All these advantages are very important in everyday work. If you decide to order the decor of office, to make changes, updates or additions, there is no doubt that its will attract an interest in the company and it will cause the trust.

  The modern office isn`t just a place where people work. Office space in modern business  is the atmosphere and special environment that surrounds us most of the day.

  If you just think and count, it turns out that people spend 30-40% of time of the working day. Therefore, the space in which they work should be as convenient pleasant and comfortable.

  It isn`t required to prove the undeniable fact that office place should be convenient, comfortable and effective to create a working atmosphere, as also to raise corporate spirit. All that will benefit your business.