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  The impact of advertising in The Kiev Metro on consciousness cannot be overestimated. Approximately 42% of the adult population goes down in the Kiev metro every day and every month- approximately 75% of Kiev. According to statistics, 70% of the citizens spend in the metro is from 25 minutes to 2,5 hours a day.

  This statistics is a good example that your ads and stickers will be seen by thousands of potential customers every day,  speanding the travel-time for the study of advertising. As result, a huge number of people will remember it unconsciously and will instantly imagine your logo, brand or advertising slogan at the first mention placed in the entrance halls or on the metro train. Familiarity, even on a subconscious level, with the advertised product, work, service will have client`s credibility, as well as it is the main criterion of this choice.

  Passengers of the Kyiv metro are representatives of various social and demographic groups. The most frequent visitors are the citizens aged 35-44 and 55+. High the percentage of visits to metro are also among the passengers age 16-24% to 17.5%.

  All these people are your potential customers who are eager to buy your products, use your service, to arrange your unforgettable experience with your firm, to entrust you the solution of their problem .

  About three million people go down in the underground every day. So advertising in the underground as well as universal and all-inclusive! With the right approach, its efficacy is often exceeding all expectations of our clients, because A&P provides brightness and memorability of your advertising!

Types of accommodation:

  • advertising on the track walls;
  • advertising on the arches;
  • advertising in the cars of the Kiev metro;
  • advertising on citylights Kiev metro stations;
  • advertising on turnstiles;
  • advertising on the doors;
  • advertising on the rail cars.
  • advertising on monitors;
  • advertising on the cars;
  • advertising stickers on the doors of the halls;
  • branding areas.

  In a very short period of time advertising in underground covers the maximum number of people, in a state of "information hunger", have to explore the surrounding ads. Advertising in the underground is a unique way at little cost, to reach the maximum number of long-term and high-quality contacts. As much important is the fact that the passengers of this form of public transport – the consumers of more than 70% of goods and services.

  And, as a consequence, it is important to note the main advantages of advertising in the metro:

  • a large consumer audience;
  • high informativeness of the advertising message;
  • the small cost of creating the contact;
  • establishing long-term and quality of the contacts;
  • high efficiency;
  • independence from season, the time of year, weather conditions.

  Advertising in the underground is one of the most effective types of advertising! We offer to place your advertising in any station of Ukraine – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk because this kind of public transport has wide advertising opportunities.