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  More than 90% of the population use public transport, therefore, to place ads on the transport is promising and effective way to attract potential customers. This type of outdoor advertising is characterized by  dynamism and ability to reach a broad population.

Advantages of advertising on public transport

  According to statistics, an adult of working age spends in public transport in about two hours a day using his services at least five times a week. Transport advertising constantly flashed in front of him, but does not cause such irritation, as is often the case with television advertising. 

  Advertising on public transport has implications not just for passengers but also for pedestrians, passing motorists, spanning a wide range of the population. This type of outdoor advertising in terms of coverage, is comparable rather with advertising on TV but its cost is much lower. It has a high frequency of exposure, establishes long-term contacts and do not require additional maintenance.

 We offer the following methods of advertising on public transport:

  • airbrush painting. Artwork painted with an airbrush to resemble the photos from the glossy pages and have a long service life, however, this method is time-consuming and costly.
  • the combination of paint and applique. Transport pre-painted, and then it is applied to the promotional film. This method ensures a bright image that persists for a long time.
  • applique with self-adhesive film. The most simple, common and inexpensive way.
  • full-color printing. Full colour images applied to the film. This allows you to provide bright and colourful images that resemble photos from fashion magazines.

  By ordering advertising on public transport, it is important to consider its shortcomings. The disadvantages of advertising on transport can be attributed to the limited surface where it can be placed, weather conditions, and night-time. However, all these disadvantages are irrelevant, because its effectiveness speaks for itself.

  A&P will help you choose the most effective media for placing for your ads. We will select the best routes and vehicles that will best contribute to reaching the right audience. Continuous monitoring and monthly reports will provide the desired result.