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This type of communication with the target audience gives you the opportunity to keep the attention of viewers by simultaneously impact on several senses. The use of image, color, sound, animation and printed text makes this type of advertising is most effective for rote information.

Today, TV advertising remains one of the most potent tools. But at the same time, it remains one of the most difficult sector that's why it should be hundred per cent well-targeted. There is no place for haphazards and leaving to chance.  This is a job for professionals, but if You need advertising that is guaranteed to work, then You've come to the right place.

Undoubtedly, TV advertising is the most interesting and memorable way of getting messages to target audiences. The amount of advertising on channels of the country causing general discontent, but even though the most bright and non-standard rollers run in  our head firmly. Certainly, TV advertising is valid and very effective. We often do not even think about it buying exactly the product which is casually saw on television. The subconscious makes you buy exactly the products which is the most memorable.

Thanks to these features, the television advertising affects significantly large audience, and many times exceeds the effect of advertising in other media. The release of the video advertising content is becoming more and more original. It, in turn, makes them more expensive due to the use of computer graphics of high-level.

TV advertising gives you the opportunity to make a maximum reach for a minimal period of time. It is the possibility of selective influence on different target groups and it has an effect on them as at the state level and at the regional level. You can advertise at different times and different durations. It is will be the perfect solution for the promotion of new products.

We make an opportunity to place your advertisement on leading TV channels of Ukraine.

Direct placement

(development of media strategy and media plan, organization of placement, monitoring and reporting)

Sponsorship packages

Sponsorship packages can be used for the sponsor's manifestations in various television products depending on the target audience (weather, sports, news, movies, talk shows, cars, music, series, interactive, cartoon, etc.)

Preanalysis is carried out using predictive ratings and the final on the actual GRP. It gives you the opportunity to increase the effectiveness and specify the target audience with consequent impact on it.

One of the main criteria in planning the placement of advertising on any channel is the rating of GRP and wGRP. Actual performance and pre-calculations allow you to identify clearly and correctly the target audience and subsequently affect it.

Our agency consists of professionals that will help you to develop a strategy for the optimal placement of ads on television. We will help you to determine the time needed to broadcast commercials that will be effective for contact with your target audience (the most versatile is the prime time – the time from 18:00 until midnight, when the maximum number of people watching television). We will place your promotional video on any of the leading TV channels of the country and it will provide you with great results.