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The French-Ukrainian forum in Paris

  Company A&P Advertising & Promotion agency LLC as a part of Ukrainian delegation of 25 companies participated in the French-Ukrainian forum, which took place in Paris at the Ministry of Economy and Finance of France. http://fruabusinessforum.tilda.ws/   

  We would like to point out that the current political and economic situation between France and Ukraine contributes to the organization of such cooperation between our agencies: October 28, 2016 was held in the Ministry of Economy and Finance of France passed the French-Ukrainian Business Forum which were: the Minister of Economy and Finance of France Michel Sapin, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexander Groisman, the first European person, the ministers in the different sectors of the French and the economy of Ukraine and others.

 Then we have B2B meetings. Our company is also present in the delegation including 25 companies from Ukraine. From France, instead of 150 registered participants of the forum was attended by about 250 companies.

  Interest in Ukraine - both to the market, after the recent events with the integration into the European Union - is great. Ukraine on the level of the Prime Minister has promised to contribute as much as possible after the French exporting companies and investors as much as possible at all stages. Technically, this can we do. Interest CIS companies to the European market is also great.